Dominican Republic is the world’s 2nd happiest country

SAN JOSE.- Costa Rica is the world’s happiest country, followed by Dominican Republic, according to a report on happiness and satisfaction with life by a British organization, which evaluated 143 countries that gather 99% of the planet’s population, affirmed the Costa Rican press Saturday.

In Costa Rica, 85% of those consulted stated their feeling “satisfactorily happy in this country,” Central America’s most prosperous and politically stable, according to newspaper La Nacion, which published the British organization The New Economics Foundation’s happiness index.

“Dominican Republic occupies second place, followed by Australia, whereas the United States ranked 114th and Zimbabue in last (143),” the newspaper said.

In the previous report in 2006, Costa Rica occupied second place, after Vanuatu, a Pacific archipelago.

The index measured three variables: life expectancy when born, satisfaction level expresses by the inhabitants and the ecological practices of each country.

“In Costa Rica, life expectancy when born is 78.5 years; 85% of the Costa Ricans surveyed said they are happy and being satisfied with their life, and the country is close to reaching a balance between what’s consumed and what the natural resources offer,” said Nic Mars, one of the report’s authors.