Dominican Republic – The Best Place in the Caribbean

Lots of places in the Caribbean have vowed tourists from around the world for several years now. The laidback attitude, the sandy white beaches, the tropical weather, really plush accommodations, several outdoor activities and romantic excursions – it’s no wonder Caribbean is a desired holiday sport for many. But did you know that since the last few years, Dominican Republic has become one of the most popular countries in the Caribbean? Yes, it is goodbye Puerto Rico and hello DR. People are falling in love with this nation; yes annually about 4 million visitors come here to vacation, and many have even bought second homes and realestate here so that they come here at least once a year.

The reason behind its rising fame is nottoo complex, but rather obvious. It offers both the untouched natural beauty,which seems to be fast vanishing in other Caribbean regions and ultimate luxury. And unlike other places in the Caribbean, DR is not done todeath. It exudes that aura of freshness coupled with all amenities and facilities one can think of in a good holiday spot. The recent boom in the Dominican Republic real estate market is strong proof that this place is not getting out of the Caribbean hall of fame anytime soon. People are investing in land, apartments, villas, condos, and beachfront properties in DR as the property prices are only expected to rise handsomely inthe coming years.

Those of you considering moving here would be more than glad to know that the Dominican government is very liberal when it comes to foreigners. It encourages people to buy real estate here by offering them several tax benefits. In fact, getting DR citizenship isn’t half as complicated as any other country. It also gives you a chance to look for employment and work while your application is in process. How good is that?

Tourists also love the fact that Dominican Republic is directly connected to most Western European and North American cities. So getting here just got a whole lot easier. Apart from this, Dominican Republic has something in store for everyone. Punta Cana, an island on theEast Coast of DR is one of the most favored getaways in the Caribbean. The crème de lacrème from around the world come here to vacation, and even retire.