Overall travel stats

Non-resident international arrivals to the Dominican Republic during the first four months of the year increased 6.7% to 1,430,034 from 1,339,836 in 2007. The best performing markets were Canada (up 11%), the United States (up 5.6%), South America (up 28%) and Europe (up 2.2%). 407,442 travelers came from the United States, compared to 385,739 for the same period in 2007. In South America, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile and Colombia, Ecuador and Peru provided most of the 67,235 tourists that visited from January to April. For Europe, the largest source markets for the period were France with 154,673 tourists, followed by Germany with 78,512, Spain with 73,301, Italy with 60,066, the UK with 58,072, Holland with 19,270, Rusia with 16,879, Belgium with 15,275, Switzerland with 11,677 and Portugal with 6,738.