The Trend to Buy Property in the Dominican Republic Continues on in 2013

Are you
looking to purchase sun drenched properties like Punta Cana villas, flats and homes, as well as other prime
property in the Dominican Republic? Then you are not alone! Home to a booming
tourist industry, this region has also seen a giant growth in foreign real
estate investment. Citizens from the United States and Canada are flocking to
its shores to beautiful locales like Punta Cana and Las Terrenas, to purchase
their very own slice of property heaven in this stunning country.

What makes
these kinds of properties so attractive to North Americans? It can’t be just
the beautiful year round weather, the potential investment returns via rentals
and time shares or the fact that you can open open your door every morning and
be greeted by natural tropical scenery. Well, it is all this but so much, much
more. With a growing expat population and numerous new relocations every year,
destinations like Punta Cana have become increasingly popular. In fact you
don’t even have to be a resident to buy property like Punta Cana villas and
homes. The Dominican Republic even features on AARP lists as one of the best
places in the world to retire abroad and it is often ranked on various indexes
as one of the better places to earn rental income from beach front properties
as well.

So what
makes this destination so popular? Let’s take a look at a few factors –

It is easy to get your residency

policy in the Dominican Republic is very favourable to foreign investment in
real estate and makes it a pretty easy process to do so. Obtaining a
residency or work permit for the
Dominican Republic for citizens of Canada and the United States of America is a
pretty straightforward process as well, costing a reasonable amount between
US$100 to a couple thousand.


Also rules
regarding buying real estate here for example Punta Cana villas or resort
homes, even if you are not a Dominican citizen, pretty much follow the same
guidelines if you were, with the exchange rate probably working in your favour
in terms of interest rates and bank loans.

A rich international lifestyle

With the
amount of Europeans and North Americans setting up base here, the culture in
the Dominican Republic has become more and more diverse, mingling with the
local heritage and traditions. You will find major international festivals and
holidays like 4th of July being celebrated here by the large American
population for example and also supermarkets and stores stocked with all your
favoured goodies from back home. The diverse global community also gives you a
chance to meet many other people like yourself or from different countries
looking to form their own social and recreational clubs and communities here.


There are
about a half dozen major airports in the Dominican Republic and those are well
connected to a number of US airports. This makes it easy for travellers and
part time residents of the countries looking to get away for a short break.
Housed in Puerto Plata the Gregory Luperon International Airport offers many
worldwide connections as well.