2.2M Dominicans have Internet access; 56% have cellphones, CNSIC says

Note that this information is outdated.

Santo Domingo.- A total of 2.2 million Dominicans, or 23.8 percent of the population, have access to Internet, said of the National Commission for the Society of Information and Knowledge (CNSIC) president Jose Rafael Vargas on Friday. “As of October 31 this year suppliers of the service reported a total of 287,168 accounts in its different connection modalities,” he said, adding that this has series of important implications. “This number means a growth of 69.4 percent during the first 10 months of 2007.” “This also explains that for of each 100 Dominicans 3.2 have an Internet account and these accounts offer a total of 2.2 million Dominicans the opportunity to access,” he said. Vargas, speaking before an event to evaluate the country's status on Information Technology, held in the Foreign Ministry, added that of each 100 Dominicans 56 have cell phones; a service which he said has grown 10.3 percent in 10 months.