Cheap Vacations for a Family of 5

Planning family vacations are always stressful, especially if you want cheap vacations for a family of 5. You may think that the Caribbean might be way out of your budget, but you can’t be father from the truth. Inexpensive holidays are possible even if you choose a place like the Caribbean. For your next family trip consider the Dominican Republic’s secret treasure, Punta Cana.

With a 100 kilometres, i.e 62 miles coastline, and the best connected domestic as well as international airports, Punta Cana is best known for its clean unending beaches, crisp sunny weather, the 12 luxuriant green professional golf courses, and seaside resorts. In addition to all this there are fun activities like water sports, multi-cuisine restaurants, nightclubs, spas, etc, and attractions like the Saona Island, and the Basilica Catholic Monument one can take pleasure in. It is a holiday destination fit for a big family as it offers to entertain every age group.

Most airlines have great deals available to fly here directly from mostly all countries around the globe. To get great deals on flights make sure you book the tickets well in advance. Since, booking a good number of tickets almost always gets a discount, ask the airline or your travel agent for deals to fit your budget. A travel agent may also suggest packages available that include stay and flights. These can be great but always compare prices and ask for comprehensive information about the deal. Most of these packages do not include meals, which may end up costing you a lot.

Another option is to book a beachfront rental villa or condo for your holiday. Many foreign investors have put up their second homes on the rental market. This arrangement for accommodation is ideal for family vacations and normally has furnished rooms with most amenities that a house has like TV, DVD player, iron, Microwave, BBQ grill, etc. The villas end up costing a lot less than multiple rooms at a hotel, and plus it gives you the privacy and space needed by a family to truly soak up the Caribbean sun.

The good option could be an all inclusive resort package that includes stay, meals, and also some entertainment. This will not only end your search for cheap vacations for a family of 5, but also give a clear idea of how much the holiday is going to cost. A deal like this teamed with inexpensive transit may make your trip here the perfect getaway.