Detroit investors state their confidence in Dominican Republic

Miami.- American investors stated once more their confidence in the Dominican Republic after a numerous group of Detroit- based companies' representatives, accepted an invitation from Investment and Export Center of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD), to conduct a business tour April 9 to 12 and get acquainted with existent opportunities in the country.

The group of businessmen, representing companies such as Ford Motor Co., Faygo, JP Chase, Hycen International, ProCollect International, Un-Tech Corp., Sofá Touch Saint, and Zander Warehouses, comprises part of the international efforts that CEI-RD stimulate to promote foreign investment for the Dominican Republic's comprehensive development.

During their business tour, the visitors will receive information about the advantages offered by Parque Cibernético de Santo Domingo, the Instituto Tecnológico de las Américas (ITLA) and the free zone at Terminal Caucedo, among other important institutions, as well as details about the Dominican legislation to guarantee the investment's legal safety and simultaneously, will have meetings with investment specialists within their industry.

The opportunities offered to investors by the Dominican Republic, along with the economic and financial stability environment in the country, constitute essential assets to drive the nation's sustainable development and it is a guarantee of its integral growth, according to Cabinet-level minister and CEI-RD executive director, Eddy Martínez.

Foreign Direct Investment (IED) in the Dominican Republic has maintained a vigorous growth during the past years, reaching unprecedented indexes in received flows.

According to official statistics, during the 2007 January – December period, direct foreign investment reached the highest level in its history as it surpassed $1,400 millions of dollars, an increase of 18.3% when comparing with the same period the year before and double the amount reached in 2003.