Dominican Republic: 2nd-safest in CAFTA trade pact

Miami.- The Dominican Republic remains the second-safest country in CAFTA, while Haiti remains the most dangerous country in Latin America for foreign multinationals and their executives, according to the third annual Latin Security Index developed by FTI Consulting Ibero America for Latin Business Chronicle. Within CAFTA, only Costa Rica is safer. In fact, the Central American nation is ranked as the safest in all of Latin America, ahead of countries like Chile and Uruguay.

The Dominican Republic maintained its score of 3 from last year and a 6th place on the ranking, making it safer than Ecuador, but less safer than Argentina. 1 represents a non-dangerous country and 5 represents a very dangerous country. No Latin America achieved 1, but three – Costa Rica, Chile and Uruguay – got 2. Haiti was the worst country in Latin America, with a score of 5.

The ratings are based on official numbers from Public Security Secretariats, Local Police, Governments, Nongovernmental Organizations (NGO) and Institutes of Crime Investigations. All countries kept their ranking from last year except Venezuela and Colombia. Venezuela replaced Colombia as the second-most dangerous country in Latin America thanks to growing crime, homicides and kidnappings.

Overall, security is likely to get worse in Latin America thanks in part to the economic slowdown and probable recession this year. “Key issues affecting public insecurity in the region are the current macroeconomic crisis affecting the world, which has led to massive lay-offs and social unrest in some of the countries,” says Frank Holder, senior managing director at the international risk and investigations group at FTI Consulting.