Living the Dream – Selling Real Estate in Bavaro, Punta Cana

Most people only dream of living their dream life. Others go out there and live their dream. Yes, Scott Medina is really living it up in Bavaro, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Not so long ago, Scott was a South Florida real estate broker; in fact he has lived and conducted business in the US for as long as he can remember.

Why the change in location you ask? Well, originally from Puerto Rico, Scott decided to relocate to the Caribbean when the US economy hit rock bottom. With the plummeting real estate market in the US, more and more people found themselves in a flux. Scott, however, managed to find a lustrous silver lining on this grey cloud hounding one and all. The escalating property prices in North America and tumultuous financial issues in Europe found retirees, smart investors and anyone with a love for pristine beaches, tropical weather and the good life flocking to the Dominican Republic.

A smart opportunist, Scott has opened a fully functional office in the heart of Los Corales, Bavaro beach. After chasing the previous tenant of this property for a while, Scott finally saw his dream of having an office right at the beach, come true. Jumping the gun, some might wonder? But according to Medina, it was the best risk ever taken by him. In mere two months, he was toasting his success with his first walk-in sale!

Apparently the client stumbled upon his office while strolling on the beach and immediately recognized him from the hot TV show he was part off – HGTV House Hunters International, which airs three or four times a month and has over 95 million takers! “They have captured on film my relocation from Miami to Punta Cana. A memory that will last forever now I have on video to share with the world, my family, my friends and future generations to come” says Scott.

Scott’s main idea to have an office in the most favored area of Punta Cana was to show his potential customers, the kind of life they would sign up for, if they chose to live in this little slice on heaven. Unlike his counterparts, Scott has deliberately decided not to open shop on the main street area, as he definitely grabs the attention of maximum tourists taking a blissful walk on the beach.

Already selling second homes, beachfront properties and condos in the area for four years, Scott is all set to diversify his business. Adding more feathers to his already vivid hat, Medina is now offering mortgage and insurance brokerage services by working with local banks and local insurance companies. Also, with a professional interior decorator now on board, Scott will not only get you your dream house, but can also doll it up for you.

With the turn of the decade, the day when the aggressive, hardworking pack of baby boomers from North America (a whopping 80 million), will flock to Dominican Republic for a high standard of living and a low cost of living, is not very far. After all, which smarty will pass up the opportunity to live the best life he can in his retirement years?

While the upward trend of Real Estate in Punta Cana saw several agents taking the plunge in selling condos in the Dominican Republic, Scott is far from worried about competition. In fact, he has recently hired several agents, both locally and internationally so that the dream of buying property in Punta Cana can come true for more and more people from around the globe. Fortunately for him, many of his competitors have already hung up their boots and left town. Scott, on the other hand, has paid the entire year’s rent in advance, only to scream from the rooftop, and he and Punta Cana are here to stay.