Observers call Dominican elections successful

SANTO DOMINGO.- Last week’s presidential elections were successful and orderly, said the Santo Domingo State University (UASD), the Latin America Electoral Senior Advisory Group (Ceela) and the Central American Parliament (Parlacen) yesterday.

When presenting the National Electoral Observation Process’ results these entities carried out in around 4 percent of the country’s voting stations, UASD director Franklin Garcia said that the academy will promote an initiative in the Congress to modify the Electoral Law, to allow Central Electoral Board (JCE) to regulate the campaigns and to provide order in the parties.

Garcia said the past process “led the population to weariness” from the many months it lasted. Despite it all, he praised the efficiency and agility in the vote count and the adequate unfolding of the polling places.

For his part Ceela president Nicanor Moscoso noted that the 29 percent voter abstention was within normal standards.