Punta Cana – Life beyond the Ordinary

What would it mean to you if you could travel back in time and visit a place which until very recently was untouched by man? Fortunately, you don’t have to be a mad scientist to experience such unblemished beauty. Punta Cana in the La Altagracia region of Dominican Republic first saw any real human settlement less than sixty years ago. There are few other places on the planet where is the air is so fresh, the stars so bright and the sea so blue. By the time you get a small taste of its tranquillity, you will need a good Punta Cana apartment for rent. After all, once there, who would want to go back to all the complexities of modern civilization?

Perfect weather, rolling seas, lush flora, diverse fauna and the fabled southern hospitality, what else does one need to be in harmony with nature and at peace with oneself? A great way to kick start your visit to Punta Cana is by going for the Jurassic Safari Tour. Before you ask, there are no dinosaurs here. It’s not that primitive. However you will get to interact with the regional people, ride horses and hang out with the local primates. You will also come across other animals like crocodiles and exotic birds while wading through a river and driving through sugarcane plantations. Don’t worry; you will not be swimming in the same river as the crocodiles.

For people who love fishing, there are sport fishing charters which take tourists for deep sea fishing. Fishing in Punta Cana is a lot of fun due to abundance of big game fish like marlin, yellow-fin tuna, sailfish and wahoo. Visitors can either charter entire boats or share them with other anglers.

Those of us who like to spend our vacations in style can head to the La Cana Golf Course. The 18 hole, 72 par golf course is famous throughout the country and has been hailed by Golf Magazine as the “number one course in the Caribbean”. Even if you are new to golf, the La Cana Clubhouse with its exclusive spa makes it worth your while.

One of the most unique attractions in Punta Cana is probably the ‘Scuba Caribe Scubadoo’. The activity is as peculiar as its name and involves riding a special ‘bicycle’ for 15 minutes. What’s so special about that? You travel at 2.5 knots. Yes, you got that right! The bicycles are placed on the ocean floor and attached with tanks and diving weights leaving you free to explore the sea-bed.

These amazing facts seem to have no end and their mere description is enough to make many people start searching for Punta Cana apartments for sale. Another such fun excursion is the 75 mile long ride in FunBuggies. A FunBuggy, true to its name, is a lot of fun. Day long tours which start at eight in the morning to five in the evening take people to virgin shores, local villages and scenic destinations, the likes of which you would not have seen before.

Since Punta Cana is relatively a very new settlement, there aren’t many places of historical importance. However, there is the palatial house of Ponce de Leon, a Spanish explorer, in San Rafael de Yuma. The 16th century house has now been converted into a museum and is open to visitors.

For accommodation, it would be prudent to search for a Punta Cana apartment for rent. Although it may yet be too early to decide, but just in case you fall in love with the place like many have, there are also Punta Cana apartments for sale.