Retiring in the Dominican Republic

Few years ago, if someone would have told Andy that he would be retiring in Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic he would have just laughed it off. Andy is 58 and he has never contemplated living anywhere apart from North America in his entire life. After retiring two years ago, however, Andy’s thought process started changing a lot. He recently purchased a condo in Punta Cana and signed a rather impressive mortgage deal. Vivienne, his partner of 25 years, couldn’t be happier with his decision of them retiring in Dominican Republic and living a peaceful life in their fabulous condo.

So how did they do their homework before taking this giant leap? To begin with, they stumbled upon several e-guides and articles on the Dominican Republic online. They even found out that some of their acquaintances had moved to DR a while ago and were leading a fantastic, laidback, retired life in the Dominican Republic. Life in Portland, Oregon was getting monotonous for both of them after they decided to quit work and take it easy. So they decided to go to the Dominican Republic for a short holiday and see for themselves for this wonderland is all about! They rented out a plush beachfront villa for a fortnight in Punta Cana. Within two days, they were completely floored by the location, amenities, friendly attitude of the locals and most importantly, the whole fresh energy that they were both feeling.

The endless choices of things to do, the natural beauty, the breathtaking, pristine beaches and the low expenses, they couldn’t believe this idea had not cropped up in their head before. Before ending their trip, they had already made so many new friends, all from different parts of the world. They also met up with a realtor in Punta Cana and looked at several condos in the Bavaro beach area, where they could totally imagine living day after day. After going through the different procedures with the assistance of a professional real estate company they chose their perfect home in Punta Cana.

Though the formalities took a while, Andy and Vivienne would never regret it, as it gave them the opportunity to live their dream life. It’s been almost a year, since they retired in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, and they reiterate time and again to their friends and family back in North America, that moving here is the best decision of their life.