Trump unveils next phase of Trump at Cap Cana project

Santo Domingo.– In a special visit to Cap Cana, Punta Cana’s premier luxury resort and real estate community, Donald J. Trump held a press conference to highlight the many recent developments in his Trump at Cap Cana project, announcing a new condo hotel, beach club and world-class golf courses on site.

Accompanied by Dr. Ricardo Hazoury, President of Cap Cana’s Board of Directors, and Fernando Hazoury, Vice President of the Cap Cana Board, Trump expressed his passionate belief that “Cap Cana is one of the most wonderful places in the world, known world wide for its highest level of luxury and exclusivity –with beautiful natural surroundings as well as a solid plan for its development.”

Dr. Hazoury expressed his pride in the Dominican Republic and its recognition as a prime destination for luxury real estate tourism development, attracting great brands and foreign investment that make significant contributions to the national economy. “This is the future of our country.”

Trump has invested an important sum into this project which will increase over the maturity of its development. He emphasized the country’s stability and safe climate, as well as Cap Cana’s solid reputation as his main reasons for making this ongoing investment.

“The present real estate crisis in the United States has not affected Cap Cana, as its property owners do not come from one single country, but rather from all over the world. My perception is that within the next 12 months, the situation in the United States will resolve and will stabilize.”

Trump also announced that Hanse Golf Course Design Inc., one of the leading international golf course design companies, will be designing the first of Trump at Cap Cana’s new golf courses, Farallón and Dolinas, perched well above sea level on the project’s stunning bluff.

The team at Hanse Design firmly believes that the world’s best golf courses begin with the quality and foundation of the land. The supervision of this construction process is constant and committed through all its personnel in each international project, as is the case for Trump at Cap Cana.