Work starts for Dominican Republic’s 1st wind energy park

MOTAFONGO, Baní. – President Leonel Fernandez yesterday headed the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of two wind energy parks that’ll generate around 100 megawatts at a cost of nearly 181 million Euros.

The company Spanish Inveravante, headed by Manuel Jove Capellan will build the parks with a capacity of 50 megawatts each, in the communities Matafongo Peravia province (south) and Granadillos, Montecristi province (northwest) respectively.

Inveravante Dominicana general manager Wilfredo González said the project aims to contribute to develop the national power system.

Project technical director Luis Garcia affirmed that his company has confidence in the country’s growth possibilities.

He said the beginning of the project has been possible thanks to the Government’s support. “It’s about the interest of the Corporation in renewable energies in this territory, developed through the local company Inveravante Dominicana, which studies other initiatives in this matter in different parts of the country.”